Tap into the data you need to redirect your site for optimized monetization

How it works

Our in-site search put under the article or appear when scroll back.

What we offer

You will be able to acquire 

user insight data which hasn’t been able to see with the existing tools

Enables you to create a loop of contents that makes them more active on your site

Reinforces your media value by allowing you to show ads relevant to the feeling of users

The results you’ll get

More in-site 

query entries

sessions duration

Higher Click
Through Rate


You can get roughly about 100 times more in-site query entries


7 times longer sessions duration than average


Up to 10 times better CTR in average


Our vision

We believe in the creativity of all media publishers and content creators. Our vision is to create a positive cycle in which they can keep providing attractive content to the world.


About us

Our company is named after the Japanese word “karakuri” (noun) meaning the trick or mechanism. With our service,
Insight Search Engine, we will create a new mechanism in the online media market.

karakuri is the only Japanese company selected to web summit 2019 “ALPHA startup”


We are more than happy to have your inquiries about our service.

Please contact us for further information and we look forward to having a follow up meeting with you.

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Qufooit Ltd


2016 /11 / 29

UK Office

International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN


Japan Office

10-12 Yotsuya Sakamachi, garden tower 37, 3F Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,160-0002




56,600 USD



Kazuo Ikeda



Jindo Otsuka